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Tom has been with Maxicon Xellent since September '22, working as a work planner/planner at Unilin. After 18 years with the same employer, he was ready for something new. The variety and challenge offered by a job in outsourcing won him over. You can read all about his experience over the past few months in this interview.
Briefly introduce yourself.


Tom "I am Tom De Pestel, 41 years old, dad of a 13-year-old daughter Iluna and live in Roeselare."


How do you experience your position at Unilin?


Tom: "I experience my job as fun, exciting, innovative and challenging. There is trust and the opportunity Hans/Tiago gives me to work independently does make me happy as a new/external employee."


What is part of your job responsibilities? What does your working day look like?


Tom: "My working day usually starts at 7.30 a.m. with checking reports & drawing up work orders and ends around 4.15 p.m. During the last 5 months, I managed the rolling stock department at the Spano site. This was to replace colleague Jan, who was out for 5 months due to knee surgery. I am currently in the transition phase to focus more on maintenance plans across different sites. Optimisation in day-to-day operations is very important. To work more efficiently and cost-effectively, this is a very important pillar for the future.


As work planner, I ensure that all preventive maintenance on rolling stock is carried out on time. In addition, every day there are breakdowns and defects on rolling stock, which have to be repaired as soon as possible. In consultation with the departments, I ensure that every piece of equipment can be used functionally and safely. Supervising mechanics and ordering/managing required parts are also part of this. Managing the spare parts warehouse for rolling stock and checking and writing off service invoices via SAP.


What is the biggest challenge for you?


Tom: " The biggest challenge is getting idle equipment back in operation as quickly as possible."

What things from your background come in handy in your job?


Tom: "My experience in logistics environment (forklifts) allows me to perfectly assess the importance of having well-functioning and safe equipment. Besides the experience I built up in the maintenance department at my previous employer, they also use the ERP programme SAP here at Unilin."


When do you go home feeling happy?

Tom: "A large part of the job consists of problem-solving. When these problems get solved, it gives a happy and fulfilled feeling."


How do you experience working through outsourcing?


Tom: "Positive, even though this is only my first project as a Maxinaut it offers me the chance to discover new horizons without having to change employers. Through outsourcing I now combine the variety of temporary/long-term projects with the benefits and security of a permanent contract. The colleagues at Unilin quickly saw me as one of them."


What convinced you to join Maxicon?


Tom: "Besides the proposed position and the attractive salary package, the confidence and interest that Maxicon exuded during the application process was the deciding factor to make the switch after more than 18 years with the same employer."


Where do you see yourself in five years' time?


Tom: "Hard to say. I hope, as a Maxinaut, to have completed several different projects by then."


How do you see the engineering world evolving?


Tom: "Today's world is a world full of technology. It is difficult to really see the evolution of technology, but the internet and mobile technology gave communication a completely new dimension. We have even reached the point where we can hardly imagine how we once did without all that technology. Purely on the job here at Unilin, I see that more and more people are switching to electric driving and that thermal lift trucks are "having to go out". There is a lot more to it than just the switch on the floor. Further training is therefore a must and let that be just one of the extras Maxicon offers their employees... training."


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